South Florida MLS Photos & Interactive Floor Plans

Detailed Accurate Floor Plans Combined With Photos Create A Great Visualizaton For Your Client

Accurate On-site Measurements

Easily Visualized Floor Plan

Photo Click Around of the
Exterior  and the Interior

The property is field measured following ANSI guidelines to calculate the gross living area  and the non living areas.  The interior is laser measured for the individual room 
dimensions. To provide the best presentation the property should be photo ready at the time of the inspection
The completed floor plan shows the detailed placement of interior walls, doors, closets, and fixtures. The drawing includes the windows,  exterior doors, and the other features including porches, patios, and pools. Exterior wall dimensions and interior room sizes are included. 
The interactive floor plan combines the detailed building drawing with digital photos of the exterior and the interior to create a complete picture of the property. The interactive floor plan clicks around the exterior and through the interior to provide a detailed feel for the house.

Improved Experiance for the Buyer

Complete and Flexible Packages

Mobile Version Included

The interactive tour helps the buyer gain a greater feel for the property before their visit, and afterwards they will have an easier time remembering the house. Printed on site copies will help make the property tour more impressive and memorable, especially when many houses are being toured in a single day. Floor plan copies are great to have available at a open house event.
The floor plan can be completed in black & white or as a colorized plan. The tour can have multiple map attachments including fly in maps, street maps, and flood zone maps (when available). Specific photos can be requested in advance to highlight particular views of the property or features in a planned community. 
The tour with the interactive floor plan can be viewed on tablets and smart phones. The tour can be emailed or saved for later viewing off line. A printable floor plan and photo flyer can be attached to the tour. Flexibilty is the key to the finished product.

Intended Clients

​Branded or Unbranded Tours

Pricing is Simple and Based on Size 

Real estate agents for both sales and rental listings. Builders for spec homes, inventory houses, or proposed houses. Investors can use the tour to show off houses being flipped or renovated for rental use. Before and after photos can be included to show the upgrades, or the tour can be updated to show only completed photos at a reduced price for a second inspection. Uses include retail and commercial space including store spaces, office spaces, or mixed use buidlings.
The interactive floor plan tour can be used with your branding included or excluded. Branding can include agent photo or logo/icon along with contact info. The package is available with links to include on your web site or to use as offline sites. The package also includes a seperate email with the photos in jpeg format and the floor plan as a jpeg and pdf file. Youtube links are available at a nominal price. 
The typical package includes the floor plan, photos, maps, and links to several versions of the tour. The tour creation is flexible with choices of fade in and out of the photos, or fixed images, music selections, and map choices. The base price is $200 for houses under 4,000 sq ft of gross building area (living area plus garage space). Additional $50 fee for each additional 1,000 sq ft or part thereof. Payment is generally expected at the time of the inspection for first time orders.